Tuesday, October 25, 2011

P.S. We still enjoy green smoothies!

So this was a funny day. I made green smoothies for Parker and I for brunch and (since he always wants mommy's cup...) I gave him his own cup "just like mommy's". Well he thought that was pretty great. But he just could not bear that I had one too. He demanded to have both green smoothies in front of him. Sometimes he is such a horder! Silly boy!

 I've decided that I can't do a recipe for a green smoothie. It probably sounds crazy to a lot of people who live their life out of a recipe book, but if I try to follow a recipe then its just not good. I have to just make it up as I go along, and use my own intuition.

So, Robyn Openshaw (green smoothie girl) came to San Antonio last Saturday and did a free green smoothie class. I found a ride (since we have no working car at the moment) and went to go see her. I started her program about 3.5 years ago and that one decision has changed my life profoundly and opened me up to a lot of my life's passions about being healthy and well and what THAT REALLY MEANS.
Anyway here are some pictures from the event:

It was so great to talk to Robyn. After seeing this picture I realized why everyone thinks I'm "fat" instead of "pregnant". From my point of view, looking down, my belly looks pretty big but from another person's point of view, it just looks "like a normal Texan". I'm trying to not take offense since this is normal/healthy in their eyes. (Being a little chubby is...) I literally have had people almost have a heart attack after seeing me (before I got pregnant) as a size 2, because in their mind that was just "too skinny". 

Seriously though, I've never felt better in my entire life! (By that I mean when I was heavier...size 14 at my biggest.)

While I was there I picked up some Ormus Greens and some Sunwarrior protein powder (Vanilla) and they have made this tired pregnant woman a lot healthier and happier lately! (I was out of dried greens for a while and broke.) Anyway I made up the yummiest smoothie with that powder- 3 times now! Its pina colada protein smoothie! So yum! Parker loves it too!

If you've ever wondered what Robyn's classes are like, here is a little snippet of her class:

In case you are curious, what she says at the end is: "We now have more empirical evidence that a plant based-diet prevents cancer and disease than we have evidence that smoking causes lung cancer." Sorry to cut it off, and yes I'm paraphrasing...that was the basic idea. Robyn can correct me if I'm wrong there.  :)


  1. Yay! You got to meet her. What an experience. And she really did help you along your path, didn't she? She is amazing.
    I think you look pregnant, not fat. Just for the record.
    Parker is the cutest little guy ever! Seriously, look at that face! It is wonderful to start kids so early on the road to healthy eating, isn't it? My kids LOVE their green smoothies too.

  2. Aww! You totally look pregnant! You have got the cutest little baby bump!!!

    I love SunWarrior protein powders! Their chocolate one is my fav!!!

  3. I love pregnancy photos. I hope you share more photos on your blog. You glow and radiate. I love how you take care of yourself. Parker is adorable and your intuitive mothering show in how he is thriving. We need to be on the lookout for T3 style slings and wraps for this upcoming baby. :) I love babywearing photos also. Do you have any photos from your T3 networking?
    I saw that Robyn will be in South Florida in February. Hopefully, I will get to meet her soon. Let me know if you ever come to this area.


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